Monday, 20 September 2010

Fashion Week in Food

Forget the latest designers, Topshop sponsorship and who’s in the front row, what you really wanna know about fashion week is what’s out there to munch. The low down on the fashion packs’ pack lunch, models that actually eat, and which designers put on the best spread. From the inevitable Pret buffet to the early morning champagne, watch this space for the foodie fashion update.

Friday 17th
And so, not content with joining Starbucks in the conquest of every bloody corner in London town, the Pret sandwich buffet is becoming a fixture at fashion week, and unsurprisingly, at the Sustainable Fashion show in Clarence House, St James’ Palace today, the sandwiches were in abundance. Which sucks for me, as they don’t do a single one without mayonnaise. This was however made up for with the inclusion of tasty flapjack bites and brownie pieces, along with an array of sainsburys basic fruit. (probably about as sustainable as the contents of the Primark bag, containing flesh coloured knickers and the such, that we had to collect from the front gate, all the while feeling like we may as well be carrying a burning copy of “Green is the New Black’ through the onlookers.)

So, due to the wealth of mayo, and as a girl can’t live on simply flapjacks bites and bananas, the necessary quarter-pounder with cheese meal was purchased at Victoria Station. Which I then persisted in eating on the way home, being that-girl-on-the-train, inevitably to the woe of my fellow passengers. And that was day 1 of fashion week in food.

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