Friday, 24 September 2010

The underdogs view on fashion week - the Burberry rant

So im sure you've all seen it on the news, if not, in the metro, on Twitter, or facebook. Poor Nina, in heels that had so-called "sizing problems" and going arse over tit on the catwalk.

In actual fact its a miracle more girls didn't go, the shoes were that bad. Burberry model Charlotte was taped in to hers, with liners, heel grips and pop socks and was still coming out of them, but it wasn't a sizing issue. Honestly, the shoes just weren't any good. Ridiculously high, incredibly unsupportive (like most stilettos) but there just simply was not enough room in the base for the girls feet to stay in. And even though Nina carried on like a trooper, and came backstage to applause, its her career that will suffer, not Christopher Baileys.

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